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Applications of Injection Moulding Rail Transport

It’s valuable to spotlight real-world applications demonstrating this technology's transformative impact. One particularly striking example is the recent developments in rail...

Merriott Group

20th September 2023

Riding the Rails

Recently, injection moulding has earned its spot as a star performer in the rail and transportation sector. Originally invented in the late 19th century, this technology has now become...

Merriott Group

6th September 2023

Moulding the Future

Applications of Injection and Compression Moulding in Rail and Transportation.In an ever-dynamic world, the rail and transportation industry occupies a central position in the global...

Merriott Group

1st July 2023

ICM purchase MECI tooling

ICM are pleased to announce that they have purchased all the original Tooling for mouldings previously supplied by MECI Ltd. ICM will continue to supply these mouldings direct to the...

Merriott Group

22nd May 2023

Thermoset Materials - Phenolic

Thermoset materials were the first commercial plastic materials developed in the early 1900’s to be processed into moulded form for many industrial and commercial applications. The...

Merriott Group

17th May 2023

A Guide to Thermoplastic Commodity Materials

At The Merriott Group, we process many different types of Thermoplastic materials, ranging from commodity types to engineering and higher performance types, for a wide and diverse range...

Merriott Group

1st May 2023

Thermoplastic Materials

This is the second blog in a series of three outlining the background, properties and use of the plastic materials we at Merriott Group, use to provide our customers with diverse products...

Merriott Group

14th April 2023